Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

We started the morning with a bright and early start and departed for Spanish Town with a light sea breeze on our backs. Today’s project consisted of helping one of the local school by cleaning up the school grounds, creating garden boxes and giving the school a new coat of paint. It was arduous and grueling work, but it was extremely fulfilling. This felt like our first major service project because we were giving to the local community. To think that we could better the lives of the island children made all of the hard work and sweat worthwhile.


Once we finished with the morning service work, we made our way back to the catamaran and docked the boat at Spanish Town for the next two hours. During these two hours, we were free to walk around and explore the dockside area. We split off into our respective groups and enjoyed ourselves at the local stores and shops. Some people purchased souvenirs while others got some much desired (and decadent) ice cream. Lastly but possibly most importantly, we had Wi-Fi!!! We used this free luxury to be able to contact family and friends; let’s say that selfies were taken.


After all, was said and done, we congregated at the boat and left for Savannah Bay for the last part of our day. On our way there we came into contact with a pleasant surprise; we saw a small group of sea turtles!!! This got everyone to become hyped and ready for the turtle tagging in our near future. Once we got to the bay, we went for a swim and then showered. This was when we saw our second spectacle, a full vibrant rainbow with two definitive ends. We then settled down, prepared for dinner and then had our evening talk. The question for this evening was, “How do you define success and how do you plan on achieving it?” We had many insightful answers that helped everyone reflect upon themselves and their personal beliefs. This concludes today. We all can’t wait to continue our adventure tomorrow!