Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today, unlike the other days woke up at 6:30 am. We planned to leave Spanish Town and go to Savannah Bay. When we arrived, we ate Oatmeal and fruit. I had breakfast a bit later than everyone else because as “skipper of the day” I had the job of driving the boat. Driving a boat is something different than driving a car or bike, it takes time to turn, and you have to constantly make adjustments for the path to work. After we arrived at Savannah Bay we watched a few short videos to understand the different types of plastic we’ve seen; how they’re bad for the community and how we have to change the way we are all living. We watched one really funny video about the life cycle of the plastic bag, and the video showed how the bag started in the grocery store parking lot and ends by breaking up into pieces in the ocean. After all the videos finished we went on a short hike to this rocky beach; it was super cool and so unique compared to most beaches. Since the storm Bertha just happened, there was more garbage on the shore of the rocky beach than the beach we are anchored at. We spent a lot of time cleaning up the beach and found out most of the waste was plastic!

Once our adventure there ended, we all went swimming in the water by our boat then feasted on mac n cheese. Before we left for snorkeling, we were all loading into the dinghy (which was a pretty big drop from the side of the boat) and when I tried to get on I fell into the water! If you’re wondering, the water was super nice One of our super chill counselors, David, took us snorkeling. We saw a large variety of fish, even lobsters, and puffer fish! Even though that was super fun, me and a few our shipmates made sandcastles which was also a great time. We did something really special that we would never go back home and that was washing in the ocean. You just jump in the water then go back on the boat and put in shampoo and then rinse off in the ocean it was actually pretty fun! The thing I love the most is how we all can just sit and hang and still have a great time. After having chili and rice for dinner, we just blasted music and danced and it was so much fun! I definitely wouldn’t have had an experience like this back in California.