Location: Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda

Today we didn’t wake up as early as we normally do because everyone was really tired from yesterdays activities.  But despite the late start, we did twice as much. As soon as everyone got up, we started preparing breakfast, which was scrambled eggs and salsa. After breakfast, the Quest students joined us, and we all got ready and went to wait on the bus that took us to the Coppermine National Park. The Coppermine is one of the most beautiful sights that a human being can ever witness on this wonderful planet of ours. I’ve lived in the BVI my whole life, and I’ve never seen something this spectacular. The weather from tropical storm Bertha was very extreme; it was like there was a fierce battle between the earth, wind, and water, as the waves crashed against the giant boulders and sometimes covered them. We got to go down and climb the boulders, and we also took some very cool selfies. By the time we left the Coppermine, we were soaked. After the Coppermine, we then proceeded to a nearby beach to do a clean-up. While on the beach, tropical storm Bertha came back for her revenge and started attacking us with an onslaught of rain. At this point, we started to walk back towards home but ended up stopping at this very cool place where there was a mini-golf course. There we took shelter and played a game or two in the rain which made the golfing much more fun and challenging. We also played this cool game called ninja. After the bus came and we got back to the boat, we went to get lunch at a restaurant called the Bath and Turtle. The food was pretty good. After lunch, we did some shopping in a gift shop and a supermarket that is close by. Later in the afternoon, we got ready to go the islands number one coolest spot, The Baths. There we did some exploring through the spaces of the boulders. I find it cool how the boulders fit together like a giant puzzle. Finally, we left The Baths and came back to our boat where we took some showers and started preparing dinner. If you had to ask me, today was a very eventful and awesome day.