Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

This morning, we woke up at 7:00, and the chefs woke up at 6:45. For breakfast, we had eggs and muffins. We got ready for our first service project and left the boat at around 8:30. We were staying on the leeward side of Virgin Gorda and hiked for about 5 minutes to the windward side to clean up the trash. We spent over an hour picking up macroplastics that had been swept onto the beach. After cleaning up the windward side of the beach, we came back to the sailboat and got ready to motor over to the baths, which took about an hour in travel time. Once we arrived, our chefs made chicken salad for lunch. After lunch, we all went to the baths and hiked through the caves, and jumped off of rocks. We stayed at the baths for about three hours. When we got back, some wounds were cleaned, and then we had a quick motor to Spanish Town, where we anchored. We all took ocean showers, and our chefs began making chili for dinner. After dinner and squeeze, we did an extensive clean of the boat and got ready for a busy day tomorrow in Spanish Town.