Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was a very tiring and busy day. Waking up at 6, we rubbed our eyes and started to move the boat to Spanish Town. We anchored and took a taxi to the Valley Day School. When we arrived, we were greeted by Julie, one of the community leaders of the school. She brought us to the large backyard and porch. The yard was covered in leaves, brush and overgrown trees with gnarled branches. She told us to get to work. Immediately, we started to cut down branches and pile them in huge masses and rake all of the leaves. After around four hours of work, we ate a traditional BVI meal called chicken roti. Following lunch, we worked for another four, long hours. By 4:15, we were extremely dirty and tired, and we were finally ready to leave. The yard underwent a huge transformation. Julie and the other teachers and parents of the school were very grateful for our service. Seeing how happy they were was very satisfying and made our hard work worth it. We arrived back at the boat and anchored in Savannah Bay. As a sort of reward and relaxing end to our day, we all went to a beach and had lots of fun. Today was very strenuous and long, but the way Julie and the others felt made it all worth it.