Location: Long Bay

Today I woke everybody up at 6:45! YEEEWWW! We ate some yummy oatmeal! Then we went to Copper Mine National Park which was ILL! We cleaned up two different beaches which were riddled with trash. Yuck. There were so many different kinds of trash on the beach; I found: a toothbrush head, 865 bottle caps, Styrofoam pieces and a ton of other junk! After cleaned up the beach the staff surprised us with a trip to mini golf! When we got back to the boat, we did some swimming (I did a backflip…), ate lunch and then we’re off to LONG BAY! I drove the boat. We arrived safely and did some more swimming before taking lovely, refreshing Hibiclens showers. Excellent. For dinner, we had garden burgers with a special burger sauce (courtesy of Torin) with the other Lifeworks boat, Spindrift II. It was just lovely to socialize with such wonderful people over a delicious meal! Today has been prime, and it’s not even over yet!! Off to evening program! PS HI MOM LOVE YOU, tell Tickles I love her too!