Location: Lee Bay

And yet again another great day has passed by! We were up at 7 and headed off immediately to Tortola, to visit Aragons Organic Farm. Along the way, we enjoyed some delicious French toast made by the cooks; Hayden and Jake. Once we arrived at Tortola, we took this big taxi/bus thing on this pretty curvy road, but the views were amazing! At the farm, Aragon gave us a tour of the land and explained many different things to us. Such as how the land used to be used for sugar cane and worked on by the slaves, he also showed us many of the plants he farms there. After the tour, the dirty work began. We split up into groups and started weeding! Before we left, we got the chance to enjoy some tasty mangos and take an entire basket of mangos back to our boat. We then headed to Virgin Gorda, where we went on a windward side hike. The beach had big rocks and appeared to have no garbage, but after given five minutes to dig around we soon discovered that there was plenty of garbage. We ended our day off with another nice boat ride where we got to enjoy the most amazing sunset!