Location: Prickly Pear, Virgin Gorda

After waking up to a beautiful and completely deserted bay, it seemed hard to imagine that the rest of the day could improve on its amazing start. However, by the time the day was done, I don’t think a single one of us could point to a single best moment in a truly stellar 24 hours. After a cereal breakfast, we headed to Trellis Bay at about 8 am to pick up a group of kids from YEP (the Youth Empowerment Project) and some horticulturalists from the U.K. We took the whole group to Camano Island, where we anchored and motored over to the beach. There, the horticulturalists disembarked and began their search for a rare plant they were hoping to document, while we began a beach cleanup with the help of YEP. We cleaned and cleaned, finding bottle caps and toothbrushes and hermit crabs until it was time to head back to Grins for lunch and a swim with the kids. We then drove back to Trellis Bay, unloaded the kids, the horticulturalists (who had successfully located their rare plant), and the trash. We pulled out of the bay and began the 3-hour motor to Prickly Pear, Virgin Gorda. We arrived to find all of ActionQuest arrayed throughout the bay, with every boat full of teenagers getting ready for the barbeque and dance we were slated to attend. Much fun was had at the barbeque, and it is now way past my bedtime.P.S. I love you Mom and Dad and Julia!!!