Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we awoke to the smell of pancakes wafting through Catalinaville. It was a surprise to everyone with cereal having been on the menu for this morning’s breakfast and because it was skipper Elliot acting as chef in the galley- thanks, Elliot! After our leisurely breakfast at The Dogs, we dropped the mooring ball and raised sail for Deep Bay. I was on the helm for some of the strongest winds we’ve seen thus far. It was a nice sail with only one short squall. Once we made it to Vixen Point, where all of ActionQuest was staying, we dropped the sail, David and Gwen picked up moire dinghies, and we motored on to Deep Bay. In Deep Bay, we dropped anchor, had our lunch prepared by Sophie and Lily, and then welcomed the Quest students onto our boat for our afternoon activity, turtle tagging! We used a method where you get dragged behind a dinghy on a tow line, and when you see a turtle, you dive down to catch it. It was hard, and we didn’t catch any turtles, but it was still fun.┬áNow we are motoring back to Vixen Point to join ActionQuest for an all program BBQ and dance.