Location: Anegada

We woke up early this morning so we can head into port to refill our fresh water tanks before the long sail to Anegada. For breakfast we ate oatmeal and fruit before raising anchor and motoring across the channel to Leverick Bay. We had some time ashore so we called our families and stocked up on snack mountain. For all of you who don’t know what snack mountain is it is a bunch of snacks in the corner of the galley. We stocked up on Pringles, cookies, snack bars and vanilla wafers. We sat in port for awhile before finally heading out towards Anegada. As skipper I was in charge of driving the boat today. Driving the boat was really fun but also really hard. I had to take into account the waves and the wind to steer the boat in the right direction. Today just happened to have strong winds so it was a lot of adjusting and readjusting. Finally after 2 hours of sailing we finally arrived at Anegada and let me just say my arms were very sore from sailing the boat. Lunch was sandwiches which everyone ate very quickly because we were all starved. After we had a beach clean-up/scavenger hunt. We walked 3 miles on the beach picking up different kinds of trash for the scavenger hunt. My group won because Gwen was on fire for finding trash. We got back to the boat and took ocean showers. Whilst we were all drying off Gwen was looking for the beef for Mexican night…and let me tell you Mexican night is like Christmas on this boat- its a huge deal.

Gwen then realized that we didn’t have the beef we were supposed to have for the meal. When Elliot and David found out that there was no beef for Mexican night, they had breakdowns- full-on lying on floor and couch crying and screaming Why Sam! Why?. Now keep in mind that these are two fully grown men. Gwen then had the genius idea of using chicken instead of beef. Now Mexican night was back on. Everything was going smoothly and we were all stuffing our faces with the food. Elliot was goofing off ┬áper usual and then suddenly he and Bonnie got in a rice fight, throwing rice at each other and getting it in each others hair. Then Jacob, Rami, David and I started eating salad with our hands and everyone was going crazy. I can assure you I have never laughed that much in one night until now. My stomach and head hurt from laughing so much. During clean up we put on some jam music and started to clean up the very big mess we had created. Sophie was our sole deckie tonight and taking one look at the aftermath, declared OMG, this is a mess!. While cleaning Elliot jumped in the water to clean off and when he got back on the boat Lily tried to push him back in but instead Elliot pushed her in! Again I was literally crying because we were having so much fun. Today was really fun and the best day so far. I can’t wait to see what happens during the rest of the trip and how we become even more of a family.