Location: Vixen Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was unlike all the others we’ve had. We woke up at Bail’s Bay, Great Camanoe a place where the staff had never been. It was the quietest place and so beautiful. From there we sailed back to Trellis Bay where we picked up kids from YEP (Youth Empowerment Program) and a few botanists from London. The botanists were traveling with us to Cam Bay where they were searching for a plant to see if it exists there. It was cool to listen to Martin, their group leader, talk about the importance of their jobs and how they travel all over the world. We got to know the YEP kids more on our boats as we played “all my friends” and the “name game” with them. I could slowly see them becoming less shy and more comfortable. I had to sail so my game time was short but I let two kids drive with me, and they seemed to think it was so cool. We arrived at Cam Bay then split into groups and picked up trash. There was a monument there where people had seemed to make it into their trash pile, but they had never taken it off the beach.

So along with all the bags, we had already gotten we picked up with a┬ámassive pile. We took tallies of what we picked up and the amount of plastic and rope was insane. It really makes you think about how you are with trash and the easy ways to cut back. After all the trash picking we got back to our ship and took some YEP kids swimming. That really seemed to brightened their day. They were so excited, some didn’t even know how to swim but they all had chicklets which they all quickly became convinced they would stop them from drowning. Our experience with them came to an end as we took them back to shore. it was a really great experience working and talking with them. After we dropped all of our trash off, we set sail for the beach barbeque with all of ActionQuest. It was about a two and a half hour sail I did but I got to stop early to shower down below! What a treat for the barbeque! Now we are dressed up and waiting for it to begin. Overall today has been a great experience!