Location: Bail's Bay, Great Camanoe Island

Today we awoke to a beautiful sunrise and a wakeup call from Elliot. After being rafted to the other Lifeworks boat, Grins, for the night, we started our breakfast consisting of french toast and fruit and got ready to sail into a bay near Tortola. From there, we got in our dinghies and met up with the taxi driver, who took us to Aragorn’s Farm. On the ride up to his farm, we were amazed by the views of the islands, and the island itself. When we arrived at his farm after a road which felt like a long roller coaster, Aragorn greeted us with a welcoming smile and started telling us all about his farm, and the process of managing a farm in the British Virgin Islands. After walking around the farm and seeing and learning about the different crops he grows, we were put to work. Splitting into small groups, we were all put to a certain task to help Arragorn and his crops. After a while of pulling weeds and freeing the prospering crops, we ate quick peanut butter and jelly and were on our way. After heading back down to the docks, we received some spending money and our phones for a quick stop in Aragorn’s Studio, where we saw his artwork and got to use our phones. Afterward, we hopped back on the boats and sailed back over to Savannah Bay near Virgin Gorda to go on a quick hike (walk and talk) to a small rocky beach on the other side of the bay. When we got there, Torin asked us to stand in arms distance of each other on the rocky beach and then asked us to pick up the trash under us. To our amazement, every one of us picked up at least a handful of trash just from under us and learned more about the garbage in the ocean and the toll it takes on our environment. We then started the treck back to Sprindrift II for showers, when it started to downpour on us. With wet shoes and soaked raincoat,s we got back to the boat, showered, and set off to our destination for the night with Grins. With dinner being made on the way over and deckies ready to clean the deck, we concluded our long busy day.