Location: Cabecar and Amubri Reserves

Today was quite exhausting and breathtaking, to say the least. We woke up at 6:30 am to a breakfast of beans and rice (I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it!) and some nice fruit juice. Afterward, we found a lychee tree where one of our indigenous friends got us fresh lychee from the top of the tree; it was sugar sweet! We then went on a long and strenuous hike up a mountain infested with bullet ants and mosquitoes! To make matters worse, it started to downpour while in the middle of our very muddy and slippery path! However, the view at the top was for sure worth the hike with the beautiful tall mountains glimmering in the foggy distance. We then carefully headed on down (with only a few slips and trips!) to the beautiful rocky lake where we all went for a well-needed swim to cool off and enjoy the amazing Costa Rican breeze. After our swim, we headed back to the Amubri tribe campsite at around 3:30 pm where we had a tasty lunch of beans and rice, pork off the rib, and some cucumber salad. We then played some cards until 5 pm and then drove (on the back of a hurding truck!) to a very old and vintage tribal house. At the house, we sat around in a circle with a warm and blazing fire in the center as we listened to the spiritual stories of our Costa Rican ancestors. After, we headed back for a delicious dinner consisting of hot potato soup mixed with rice and carrots, and finally some pear juice to wash it down! After the long and exasperating day, we slept safe and soundly in our cocoons!