Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was a great day to catch up on some sleep, waking up at a rare 8 am. After we finished our delicious breakfast of pancakes and fruit, we headed for a hike up to Savannah Bay’s windy side.¬†We took in the sights while talking about where our trash went and finished with a group beach clean up. Once we finished our hike, we took our time making a hearty lunch of mac and cheese. After lunch, we headed to Mountain Point to get a lesson on turtle tagging. Once Elliot and Beezie gave their instructions we headed out as we were dragged behind dinghies in snorkel gear to search for the elusive sea turtle. Unfortunately, we spotted one but were unable to catch it. For dinner, we headed to Vixen Point in Gorda Sound for a beach BBQ with the ActionQuest fleet.