Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

On the 7th day on our adventures, we had a fantastic and well-deserved sleep in the day. We woke up to the sweet scent of Elliot’s secret recipe for french toast. After mixing all kinds of jams and toppings on our breakfast we made a bed in the middle of the salon which is were the kitchen and the fridge are in, and watched very informative ted talks about the harmful effects of plastic on our home earth, and also how we as a new generation can prevent and fix these situations. After this, we had an extravagant dance party with the other boat while eating lunch. Seeing that the other team were not very good dancers, and we had the famous dance start Lexi we had a flawless victory. This was getting us all pumped up for the ball at the beach. The excitement was thick in the air as people were getting washed and prepared for the event. After the dance everyone was tired from dancing their butts off, we all went to bed thinking of the awesome night.