Location: Marina Cay

Our day started just like any other; with the song “Brand New Day” playing as we woke up. After our breakfast, we were told that our destination was the Anegada Rock Iguana Headstart Facility. The facility is made to help protect the dwindling population of the Anegada Rock Iguana. This iguana is very special because of its unique genetic makeup. It is theorized that all species of iguana in the Caribbean evolved from that species. The facility held iguanas in many cages in a relatively small compound. Our role was to help feed the iguanas and do some general maintenance. Feeding the iguanas proved to be a rather difficult task as many were waiting for the chance to escape and bolted for the door the moment we opened it. After feeding, a few of us got to work on weeding the facility along with its fences. What seemed like a rather easy task of pulling out weeds turned out to be a lot harder because many had roots that extended very deep into the ground. I even ended up pulling out a root system that went four and a half feet down! After a long morning at the facility, we set sail for the Marina Cay. Unfortunately, we set sail just as a storm came in. The sail was very rough, but by the end of the trip, the weather had calmed. After dropping anchor, we hurried through dinner to make it to a meeting with the entire fleet. We all listened to a recording of a speech that proved to be inspiring and emotional for us all. Although our itinerary was small, we made the best of our day, whether it be by napping through the storm, listening to an inspiring speech or enjoying getting our hands dirty at the iguana facility.