Location: Anegada

Today we woke up to the sun shinning, a nice breeze, and the beautiful island of Anegada as our view. As everybody climbed out of their cabins, or where ever they found a place to sleep, the familiar songs on our morning CD had everyone humming along. Quincey, Samantha, and I made our way to the bow of the boat to do a quick yoga session that consisted of me stumbling over everytime the boat rocked with the waves. The smell of muffins and oatmeal drew us to the breakfast table where we all stuffed our faces in preparation for a long day! We all threw on our bathing suits, rash guards, and shorts and headed for shore to turtle tag and check out the island’s iguana center. Once we reached shore we all piled in the taxi (picture a pickup truck with benches in the back), and drove across the island to Old Anegada Yacht Anchorage, which was basically a dock through a swampy area with old, rusty, broken-down boats along it. As smelly as it was, we made it to the end where we met up with Chad and Richard who are the best turtlers around (self-proclaimed of course). They could only take a few of us at a time so about half of us went on a quick walk to the iguana center. The iguana center was pretty cool because these iguanas are a part of an endangered species native to the BVI’s, there are only about 300-400 left, and the goal of the center is to rehabilitate them! Once we got back to the water, we went turtle tagging. The boats looked like a big bathtub with a motor; my group was four of us girls and Richard. It went from partly sunny to pouring, and I mean pouring rain! Although my group did not catch a turtle, we had fun singing songs, falling off the boat (Fiona), and driving Richard crazy. When we got back to the dock, there were two other groups measuring and tagging the turtles they caught! Once everyone was back, we had some shore time by the beach where we could make some phone calls, or explore the two or three shops around. We got back to the boat and it was shower time in the ocean followed by the chefs getting started on dinner. They made some risotto, corn, and chicken Ceasar salad, which was a hit among all of us. We always end our day with the squeeze, a chance to reflect on our day and our lives. Tired after a long day we stayed awake even longer to do an evening program which provoked a nice conversation. Then we all went to bed!