Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Something completely unexpected occurred this morning. I opened my eyes, hearing the annoying chirp of a bird in the background and felt an uncomfortable shiver covering my body. I was on a boat. What? The day hadn’t turned into morning yet in my eyes because the sun still hadn’t risen to welcome its warmth. I shifted from my spot to see four unfamiliar faces. But then I remembered them as Sami, Riley, Gabe, and Ryan. I had no idea what time it was, but I knew that I didn’t want to sleep here anymore. I slowly got up, rubbing my eyes, gathering my sheet and thin pillow, and headed for the inside of the boat. The “morning” was still, except for the annoying bird that decided never to shut up. I passed two hammocks on the way, and a bed containing two people. I was too tired to figure out who they were. I entered my room where Carly slept, her body covering every inch of the bed. I tried to squeeze in next to her, not wanting to wake her up. But unfortunately, I was forced to wake her up and tell her to move. I closed my eyes, and when I awoke, I saw Claire smiling at me, telling me I had to wake up the other people on the boat. Suddenly I remembered. I wasn’t at home in California. I was on a boat, on a Lifeworks program with twelve other kids on my boat. I had completely forgotten. The next hour was a rush, running outside in the rain to wake them up, and then getting changed, having breakfast, buying food for the trip, and then sailing a boat. That last fact was not a rush. It was an incredible experience. At first, I steered the boat like a mad woman, completely confused. Twenty minutes later though, I was able to steer without Elliot telling me instructions. We ended up at Norman Island, about an hour or so later. I didn’t know the time because on the Lifeworks program there is no time but simply looking at the height of the sun. We then turned around and ended up at these caves where we had the opportunity to snorkel and try to find hidden treasure.

Unfortunately,we didn’t find any treasure but the experience was amazing, where even Gabe found an underwater tunnel. After half an hour or so, we ended up back at the boat where we jumped in the water, showered off and honestly, it felt amazing washing my hair for the first time in two days. I never knew conditioner could feel so incredible in my hair. After getting all comfy in our pajamas, two people, Jaq and Kathleen made us an awesome dinner, sweet corn, mashed potatoes and sloppy joes (I never thought we’d have that on a boat, in the British Virgin Islands). After the meal, I, the skipper, was proudly honored to ask a question to the group, holding hands with our hands crossed, of “where is a place where you feel most at peace?” They answered, we cleaned and then I was told to write in the blog. And I couldn’t be more glad, mostly because I never thought I’d get the opportunity to share my story to the public. I thought I’d just show it to my mom briefly when I return and barely describe the trip because I’d be so tired after the awesome adventure. Anyways, in conclusion, today was incredibly (I’ve used that adjective quite a lot) amazing and I can’t wait for the next 19 more. Thank you for listening.