Location: Anegada

We woke up in Leverick Bay early this morning and had eggs for breakfast. As soon as we finished, the kids that weren’t involved with cleaning the dishes went down below to take their Hibicleanse showers before we refilled our water tanks at the dock. When everyone had finished, we were allowed to go on land. There were only three tourist shops, one restaurant and one small grocery store at the port. Most of us went right to the grocery store to stock up on snacks for the next few days. We all went back to the boat at eleven but were then told we could have another thirty minutes. Most of us went to the restaurant and talked but didn’t decide to order until five minutes before we had to go, so we changed to to-go orders and ran back to the boat. Whoever didn’t order food just ate sandwiches on the boat. Next, we left the dock and headed toward Anegada. The sail took about two hours, and mostly everyone slept along the way. After we got there, everyone got their dirty laundry together, and we sent it to get cleaned. Next, we got ready to snorkel through the mangroves along the beach. We took the dinghy until we were about 80 yards off the beach and tried to get to the mangroves but everyone came back within five minutes because there were jellyfish everywhere. One of the counselors explained what some of the plants and animals were that he found and then we went back to start making dinner. We had Mexican Night tonight, which means beef, lettuce, tomatoes, beans, and the best topping, guacamole! Tomorrow will be an exciting day!