Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Shortly after waking up to the bright BVI sun, we departed our protected anchorage at Mountain Point for Leverick Bay. We enjoyed oatmeal, cereal, and a brief sun shower while underway. After mooring in Leverick Bay, we prepared for a service project at the Robinson O’Neil School on Virgin Gorda. The school needed a fresh coat of paint and a new garden area. Julie, one of our service liaisons, met us on the dock and ferried our equipment and us up to the steep hill where the Robinson O’Neil School sits. The painting went smoothly, save the occasional spill, and the plants in the garden received new housings that brightened up the lawn. For lunch, we were treated to sandwiches and cookies prepared by some of the teachers, and Julie supplied much-appreciated cold beverages. We finished painting the school and rushed back to the boat, for we had a small window to replenish our exhausted freshwater tanks. Making use of shore water after moving to the dock at Leverick Bay, we all savored fresh-water showers. We traveled from Leverick Bay to Vixen Point, where we would share a beach party with all of Lifeworks and ActionQuest. On the Beach, we received barbecue fare, and heard DJ Heavy Beats, the best–and only–DJ in the BVI, provide music. We ate our dinner under the setting sun; we partied under the glowing moon. After this adventure-filled day, many fell asleep within moments of returning to the boat.