Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Day 7, and what a day it has been. Another day of Caribbean sunrises, late wake-up calls, and pancakes. Everyone was up and scurrying around by 8:00 am for the beach clean up on the windward side of Virgin Gorda. Before heading toward the beach, we all watched some educational videos about the world’s plastic. Are you aware that 90% of the products you purchase are discarded after six months? After the cleanup, we hiked back to the location where the dinghies took us to the Snow Cat. Once aboard we sailed to Mountain Point at Virgin Gorda, while our chefs for the day whipped up some Mac n’ Cheese. After lunch, we met up with the members of the Luna Kahuna to discuss the proper way to tag a turtle. Proceeding the discussion, all crew members split up into the four dinghies and set off. What an experience imagine yourself holding onto a rope, being dragged by a dingy, scanning the ocean floor for sea turtles. That image might be close to what we’re experiencing and the amount of fun we had. Unfortunately, the turtles did not come out to play, but that did not stop us from having a great time. Around 5:00 pm we returned to Snow Cat for some well known “Shower, Dinner, Fun.” Dinner tonight was beef stroganoff, followed by our nightly game of squeeze — no worries here parents, just another beautiful day out here in the British Virgin Islands.