Location: Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda

“Happy Birthday, Tom!” my shipmate said as I stepped out of the hammock in an attempt to not wipe out on the deck. An hour later, when I wasn’t half asleep, I realized that since my shipmate was from Italy, he got two birthday days. Yes, I was extremely jealous. Throughout the day, everyone was acknowledging the birthday boy.

  It was an early day today, as we had to wake up at 6:15. Once we filled our backpacks with sunscreen and not one but two water bottles, we headed over to Valley Day School. This is also known as the cutest place on this planet. The bright purple and green building made my day. Before I knew it I was trying to pull weeds, help build a garden bed and play with little kids all at once. It was a busy day because we had many projects to complete. After being at the school for eight hours, we headed back to the boats for burgers and cookie-brownies with Luna Kahuna. The banner across the top of the deck had drawings with pictures of Italian rappers, and it was the perfect ending to an exhausting yet rewarding day. Happy Birthday, Tom!