Location: La Carpio

At nine in the morning, we left for La Carpio to sort donations that were donated by people in Costa Rica. We brought the donations to the burned houses and gave them to the family’s mothers. After that, we went to the Library and day care center. The group split and half went to play with kids at the daycare. The other half went to dig up the soil in front of the tin walls. Our goal is to fill up the hole with cement bricks and a structure made of steel wires. A few of us learned how to construct the structure that stabilizes the wall. The other group was playing with the kids and practicing Spanish. Then our group rejoined to read the kids Spanish and English books. We also took a look at the wall where some of us will be painting a mural. The people who own the homes are very grateful that they are getting a new paint job and something to brighten their village. We walked back to the CRHF to eat lunch of rice and beans, chicken, vegetables, fresh fruit, and peach tea.

After lunch, we traveled to the mountains to visit an indigenous leader native to the Huetar tribe. We sat down in a hut, and he explained the traditions of this culture and history. After we went down on a trail and we saw a hut of prayer and healing. Near the hut was an altar for sacrifice where he told us the significance of each animal and the purpose of their sacrifice. We then visited a grave where his mom and brother were buried. He explained how death was a joyful occasion and after five years, they would take the bones out of the grave to communicate to their souls. We then visited a tent where they would burn the rocks and pour water on them. The tent would reach 200 degrees. When we were done with our short hike, we were able to buy necklaces and dream catchers made by their tribe. He then took us to a different hut where we did a ritual for well being. After a long day, we are now, back at the hotel getting ready for dinner.