Location: La Carpio & LittleTheater

Hey guys, it’s Zoe and Esti! Today was a long day! We spent the day in full-service mode out in La Carpio. We divided into three groups, some of us going to play with the children, some working on construction where we built a wall, and the rest painted the mural. While starting painting, the mural locals who pasted called us “Gringos.” It was a pretty funny experience because none of us have ever been in that situation. The end product of the mural was a depiction of a waterfall, a turtle with Costa Rica on its shell, and a tree. The mural will serve as a representation of the relationship people have with the natural world around them. For lunch, we had “Ant Pasta” a local delicacy #delicious #yum #Yolo #JK. There was a mishap with the pasta and there ended up being ants in it. After lunch, we went back to the construction site and continued working on the wall for the people in the community. We then went to visit Juan Sanchez, an indigenous man from the Huetar. We then headed back to The Little Theater Group to watch Innocent Voices. This movie was about El Salvadorian refugees and their fight during the war. Almost everyone in the group broke down in tears. During the movie, there was a huge storm, and the thunder was horrendous. When we finally made it back home to Dos Palmas, it was super late, and everyone was exhausted, moody and passed out as soon as we could! Bye!