Location: Galapagos

Have you seen The Deadliest Catch? Picture that, only it’s mid-morning, partly cloudy and around 75 degrees in the Galapagos. But it’s The Deadliest Catch. We are in speedboats off of Nameless Rock with two fishing rods. In our boat, Jill catches a wahoo that’s pretty big on her own. Now it’s my turn to try. It takes me, Emeline, our guide and James, the counselor to reel in the lure. It has to be a shark. It BETTER be a shark. It’s a…tuna. Not even as big as Jill’s wahoo. It’s okay though because we wouldn’t have been able to eat the shark for lunch. But in between catching and eating the fish, we head to The Palmas for a snorkel. We swim in between sea lions, over stingrays, near a sea turtle and in the general area of a very small octopus. Then we go to a beach in the Palmas. Here we get tans and some horsefly bites. Some of us follow the guide to find marine iguanas. They are crawling around lava rocks, and it looks like the Google image results for the Galapagos. Except Google doesn’t burn your feet. In the afternoon we take the boats back to Santa Cruz for extreme free time. We get our cell phones and some money for dinner before we are set loose. It is awesome to have a few hours to explore the town on our own and get as much ice cream as we want. The evening is spent relaxing and Instagramming before our last day in the Galapagos tomorrow.