Location: Galapagos

Today we went on an excursion, and it was an awesome day. Our group went to the island of Santa Fe. At this island, we hiked and snorkeled. In the beginning, we took a boat to the island which took about 2.5 hours. The boat had a top level with big blue pads so we could sit out and feel the breeze. If you wanted you could go to the front, kick your legs out, and look out at the crystal blue ocean. When I did this, I felt like I was on top of the world. Most of us tanned and listened to music as well. The music matched the moment perfectly, which really gave a great start to the day. When we arrived at the beach the water looked like one of those pictures on the internet you knew just had to be photoshopped. We got onto the beach to find a strip of sea lions lying on the shore. I saw one juvenile that would go around trying to play with the older sea lions which weren’t too happy. I guess that all kids have that one thing in common. We walked along a trail and saw land iguanas. One was eating a cactus in the trees “this made a really good picture” and the other was basking in the sun. After this we made our way to the boat. When we got to our boat we put on our snorkel masks and flippers, and when we got in the water we saw a ginormous sea turtle. We also saw angel fish, parrot fish and some others. We then switched places to where the sea lions were swimming. Most people thought they would be aggressive but they were playful. They got right up in our faces and would swim all around us. After that we went back to the boat for lunch. At the boat we had wahoo; it was a delicious fish. I have been pleasantly surprised with how good the fish has been here. After that we went home and ended the day with dinner and a group meeting. It was a once in a lifetime chance.

  P.S. The rest of the group did service work at the same place as yesterday’s group: reforestation and Tortuga Bay – pictures included!