Location: Galapagos

Another beautiful day in the Galapagos! We started our day with our small groups at breakfast in the lobby floor of the hotel. As usual, we were all chowing down on bread rolls, juice and eggs before we were out the door to our ride to the reforestation facility. When we arrived, we were immediately put to work packing fresh soil into small packets for the small endemic seeds to grow. Time passed in a flurry of laughs, stories, and jokes. Soon it was time for a break. We stepped outside to find a giant tortoise! The first sighting, I couldn’t help but stare at the magnificent creature while stuffing my face with plantain chips. After our break, we switched tasks and now started pruning little seedlings. It felt great to see the plants looking healthy and weed-free as we left the reforestation center, on to Tortuga Bay for some more service work. A quick sweeping of sand and picking up of trash and then finally we were relaxing on the beach. We were of course accompanied by beautiful mangrove trees and iguanas that lined the beach. The day had flown by, and soon we were walking down the streets back to our hotel. Both groups came together for a nice meal in town. The end of the day was made only better by hearing that almost all of my group had a wonderful day filled with peaks and no valleys. Today only made me more excited for the next service projects to come in the beautiful Galapagos.