Location: Sacred Valley, Peru

After a cold night in the tents outside Patabamba, we had an early wake-up. We all packed up our tents and ate a delicious, organic breakfast made by the locals. By ten we were on the hiking trail. Little did we know that we had embarked on a 6-hour hike. The first hour was deceivingly painless as we played a word game to pass the time. The scenery was stunning, and everyone frequently stopped to snap pictures of the mountains and valleys below. But when we reached the steep part of the trail, all conversation stopped as we became out of breath. It was a long journey to the top, and everyone was relieved when we finally made it to lunch. The second part of the trek was almost completely downhill, which was a nice break. Along the way, we stopped at some Incan ruins and learned about the history of the site. While a few daredevils took the direct path to the bottom, the rest of us took the long road and had fun singing Disney songs. We finally reached the bus and collapsed for an hour of rest, as we drove back to our hotel in Ollantaytambo. Everyone is exhausted, but with a good night’s sleep, we’ll be ready for a full day of community service in Rumira tomorrow!