Location: Peru

The morning started with a long, arduous 7-K run, in which some of the Lifeworkers chose to participate or not. Those that did no rested up for a tiresome day to come. After having our breakfast, we embarked on our trek to the school in Rumira. Once there, we were greeted by the bright, smiling faces of dozens of the schoolchildren, eager to let out their energy on us. The group then split into three different groups: pancake chefs, child entertainers, and greenhouse workers. The children had come to school with lots of energy, knowing they were going to have a delicious pancake breakfast shortly. After all the intense work put into the pancakes, greenhouse, and children, and many other distractions from an unexpected tour group, we finally got to serve the children their well-deserved pancakes and hot chocolate. After breakfast, we followed up by giving the children presents and played with them and their new toys. After all of the excitement, it was time for us to say our goodbyes and make our final departure from the school. We spent the afternoon buying gifts from the plaza and preparing for Krysia’s surprise birthday party, getting cake and gifts. After dinner, our preparations paid off, and we had a delicious cake from our group’s favorite local Ollantaytambo restaurant, La Esquina. With the cake and presents, Krysia was thoroughly surprised and had a great end to a great birthday. As our trip draws to a close, we continue to have fun, amazing experiences, that are unfortunately also tinged with a bit of sadness to be leaving such a beautiful, unique place so soon.