Location: MySmallHelp Peru, Ollantaytambo

We woke up early as usual (about 8:00). The day before, Meca told me that we should bring our work gloves and wear work clothes because we were going to be doing a little gardening. None of us knew what that “little gardening” would be. We got to the place (which was a school) and got split up immediately. Some went to help teach English while I and others started the hard work. My group had to clear weeds where we would later, tomorrow, plant vegetables. Later we took a break to eat lunch which was delicious. After that, we headed back to the school to start the real work! Once back at the school the whole group got back together and started to do what we did earlier, just on a bigger platform. It took hours to complete, but we finished half! Tomorrow the work will be much easier I hope! After we got back from the school, we had an hour to get ready to go to dinner. After dinner, we went to the meeting room to talk about the new arrangements. After the meeting, we went to our rooms to pack so that we could move to different rooms the next day. After finishing packing, we hung out in each other’s rooms then migrated downstairs to watch our nightly movie.