Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Hello everyone!

Today, we had our first taste of community service on the island. After an early morning (waking up around 6:30ish) and some really good scrambled eggs, we took a dinghy ride to shore. Davis was playing some awesome classic rock on our way to shore. After we disembarked and grabbed our pickaxes, shovels, and other supplies, we were off to build structures for the local residents to garden. At first, we split off into a few teams: one for digging holes in the ground in order to later put the structuring in place, and one for building tables. Our team was digging holes, and although it was difficult work, we also had a lot of fun. Close to the end of digging, we were really tired, but we still pushed through, and it was worth it. We took a break in some shade and got some fire PBandJs for lunch. Shortly after, we finished building our shade structure. After we had put our tools back in the boat, we grabbed some money and went to shore to grab a meal. They had really good Piña Coladas! A bunch of us went to the ice cream store, and it was nice and refreshing. After we got back from land, we were chilling on the boat, and then we cleaned the underside of the boat. It was surprisingly fun and satisfying getting off all the stuff from the boat. Dinner was some fire broccoli and cheddar pasta, and it was really funny seeing Will and Rhylee jokingly bickering while making the food. Anyway, that’s all for today!