Location: The Galapagos

After a hearty breakfast, the Olympic teams set out to compete in a series of grueling races. While awaiting transportation, some teams arose victorious, while others did not. A fleet of taxis soon arrived to ferry us to the bus that would ascend into the highlands. Spotting an enormous greenhouse, we jumped off the bus and began our service work. We set off onto differing tasks, with some lifting the soil, some tending to the plants, and others preparing the soil for endemic plants to rest in.  After many hours of rewarding work, a delicious meal of cheese empanadas was enjoyed by the whole team. Departing the greenhouse, we set off back to the hotel, where birthday celebrations for Brooke commenced. An afternoon of lounging by the pool, great trivia, and ice cream cake soon followed, while some went to the beach. The penultimate event of the night consisted of a fancy feast at a local eatery. The night concluded with discussion questions, and we set off for a much-needed slumber.