Location: The Galapagos

Today our group of 20 was divided into two groups, one going on a day trip and the other doing community service. The day trip was an adventure which consisted of a two-hour boat ride to an island called, Bartolme. When we arrived at the island, we ventured up 300 steps, and on the way up we spotted a rare Galapagos penguin. When we reached the top, there was a breathtaking view of the Galapagos islands. We then got back on the boat, and went to a snorkeling spot where we were able to see an array of fish and a shark!

Meanwhile, on the mainland, the other group was painting 350 desks at a local school. When we arrived at the school, we were greeted by the eager students who helped us throughout the day. The desks had to be sanded and painted bright green. It was a lot of work, but thankfully the task was not too difficult with everyone working together. As a reward after painting 350 desks, we got to swim in a salt mine called Las Griatas, where we saw large fish and an eel (which scared Drew and Mat!) After dinner, we had an exciting game of charades, where we all laughed nonstop while people made fools of themselves. You should see Jacob try to act like a hyphen! We are all headed to bed now, excited that we get to sleep in for the first time in a long time, and that we have a full group boat tour to look forward to tomorrow.