Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

The day started at 6:45 with oatmeal, yogurt, and cereal. We drove back to Spanish Town for a new project. The woman who welcomed us saw our work at Little Rainbow School and asked us to create a playground for her future school. So we went to this construction site and did different projects in small groups: a balance beam, tetherball, the foundation of a swing set, and a snake made with painted tires. Some local students came to help us paint the tires. Laura, the woman who welcomed us, bought us some pizza for lunch and ice to get cold water. While getting back to work, it started raining, we all ran under the tent, trying to protect the cement and tools. I’ve never seen so much rain in only ten minutes. After this episode, Laura’s girls came to the construction site. The youngest one, called Ciel stayed on the balance beam with me. She explained to me that she left for Canada after Hurricane Irma to be safe, but she was excited to come back here in her future school. We asked her if she liked our balance beam, she answered she would prefer it pink. We finished the day and all our projects at 6 pm. It was one of the most productive days. Before coming back on the boat, I meet Ciel’s dad, who speaks French. @maman @papa, I had to tell him that France won the World Cup! Then Ciel asked me to come in the truck with her; she wanted me to come back see her again and her school when it will be done. We came back on the boat and had ocean showers in the evening. We all started shouting because of some jellyfish stings, that was a very funny moment. We finally ended the day with chili and the Saltine Challenge.

~The French Girl