Location: Beijing, China

The day started early as jet lag still had strong control of the sleeping schedule of the students. Breakfast was prepared by the daily rotated student chef and activity continued to move at a snail’s pace until 8:30. Unfortunately, the bus driver was 20 minutes late. Hurriedly, we went to the baby home. Sunday mass had resulted in the temporary loss of a student and gain of our chef which would normally stay during our morning service period at the baby home. When our morning service period ended, we went back to our residence to have lunch. Because of circumstances, we had a double period of service at the baby home. It was slightly slower because of the lunch and sleeping scheduling at the baby home, but there was still plenty of work. Afterward, the tired students finished the movie The Last Emperor and had dinner. Then we had our first forum in which we discussed some of the slightly abstract concepts surrounding community service. Then the students had an early night in preparation for a big day tomorrow. And as always this group’s favorite place is outside its comfort zone.