Location: Beijing, China

The first official day of the trip we head to Little Flower. Thomas (Tommy/TomTom/Thompson) then explained to us what Little Flower’s role is in China and how it finds the kids it is going to take in. We split into two groups, one group went with the toddlers, and the other went with the young babies. Before we started playing with the kids, we had to read a baby book, which explained to us if some babies needed any special care. The babies were adorable; just some of the cutest children on the planet. The nannies were so sweet and welcomed our help and were very patient as we tried to mime through the language barrier. We stayed at Little Flower for about two hours and then returned to the apartment. From the apartment, we left to the Great Wall! When we arrived at the Great Wall, there were two paths, and our small six-person group chose the easier and shorter path which was quite the blessing because even that path was very difficult to climb but worth every droplet of sweat! The view truly was beautiful, and we were stopped a couple of times by some Chinese citizens who wanted to take pictures with us, so that was fun. After we finished our tour of the Great Wall we drove back to the apartment, and everyone was so tired, and quite jet lagged so we all would’ve appreciated some sleep, but instead when we got home we started a movie and had a wonderful dinner. It was a wonderful day because China session two’s favorite place to be is outside our comfort zone.