Location: Beijing

Hello! I am writing the blog today (for the second time) for one of the coolest days we had so far. I would usually start the writing about the day in the morning, but in this case, I will have to start writing about the day in the evening before. And that is because of the night shift!

So at about 8 pm yesterday, half of the group headed to the baby home for the first night shift. We were 8, so we split into smaller groups of 4 and created the shifts – 4 stay up for an hour, four sleep, and then we’d change.

The first few hours were pretty quiet, and only one or two girls at a time where needed. But at about 4 am the babies started to wake up. Some background – there are about 50 babies, they are all hungry, they all need to change their diapers, and they are all crying. And about 15 IEs and 8 of us had to care for all of them. I don’t even need to say that it was hard. By 8 am when the bus arrived to take us back to the apartment, I slept about an hour and a half.

As soon as we got to the apartment, we all fell asleep on the living room floor, couches, and beds. The other eight girls were leaving for their service with the group home kids. They were completely not aware of how tired we were.

After we slept for a bit and the group that was in the group home got back, we ate lunch and got some more rest. We were informed by the stuff that we were going to Roundabout, which is a charity organization that runs a thrift store from a donation, and then donates the income to a lot of organizations (China Little Flower is one of them!).

When we got there, I have to say that I was a little bit shocked. That store is so huge, full of piles and piles of so many things. I loved it! Our mission there was to sort about a thousand books to categories, and then close them in boxes to go to a book fair in September. There were so many books in so many categories, and it was a lot of fun. Except that I decided that I want to bring Roundabout to Israel and see how it works! 🙂

Two and a half hours later we finished sorting, and we had some time to go around the store. Everything was so cheap (music CDs were 3 yuan, bags were 15, etc.). I think pretty much all the girls in the group got at least one thing.

When we got back to the apartment, we talked with Brent (Thomas’s father, and the founder of Little Flower). We talked about Little Flower, the babies, and the history of China. It was very interesting.

After Brent left, the other group headed to their night shift, and the girls that had already done the night shift had a movie night! We watched two romantic comedies one after one, and the amount of cliche in the room had never been so high.

After all, today was a great day, and I would want to relive it!