Location: Beijing

Today we began morning service at 8 am. The girls who previously did night shift at the baby home went back to the apartment to sleep where the remainder of us began our shift at the baby home. We then went home to a wonderfully cooked lunch by Stephanie and Maddie R: hot dogs and baked beans. After lunch, we piled on the bus and headed to the Forbidden City. The sight was beautiful but very hot.

At around 3 pm we arrived at the Pearl Market. Christabel, Eve, Maddie R., Stephanie and I went to McDonald’s to grab some McFlurries. We then headed back to the Pearl Market and began to put our bargaining skills to the test. The small group we formed got electronic accessories, designer bags, jewelry, shoes (lots of them!), makeup, clothes, and perfume. At the end of our short 2.5-hour shopping trip, we ended up with lots of great deals, full shopping bags and money to spare.

Back at the apartment, we had a fantastic home cooked meal from our Chinese cook: noodles with cucumbers, vegetables and chicken, another meat and vegetable dish, and rice. After stuffing ourselves with food, we began our girls night with a few of the girls from the group home. We started the night with a fashion show and then watched A Cinderella Story! At the end of the night, most of us began to pack in the anticipation for the long trip home.