Location: Beijing

Today was a new experience for all of us; we spent an entire day doing service work. In the morning we headed back to the Dew Drops Little Flower and worked with the kids, hopefully continuing to make a great impact. After eating lunch, we headed to a traditional Chinese pharmacy. It was very interesting to see their types of medicine, especially the cordyceps, a medicine that is said to cure all types of serious illnesses. Afterward, we volunteered at Roundabout, a store much like Goodwill, and we worked in several different groups. We all helped the workers organize and clean the store. I know that everyone was very pleased to be there and it felt great to help out. Throughout this trip, we have all gotten so close to each other through our service and the activities. I am very happy to be surrounded by these people and hope that we all continue to stay good friends.

Until next time – Maddie Asbury