Location: Bejiing

Ni Hao! Today began with a traditional Chinese breakfast and cocoa puffs for those of us feeling a little less adventurous. Soon after breakfast, we quickly packed up all of our stuff and took it over to GoBeyond headquarters. The bus was very packed with luggage, which made for a hilarious car ride. Once we got there, we met the founder of Little Flower, Brent Johnson, who shared some information and history on Xi’an, our next excursion stop. After a short bus ride, we made it to Little Flower Dew Drops where we had the option to play with toddlers, hold babies, or clean. We chose to play with the toddlers, which was emotional and amazing. We had a short amount of time to play with the children today due to our departure for Xi’an, but we made the best of it. I played with on child named Yao Yao, a burn victim. Although he seemed fragile, he loved to play ninja, and I soon learned that he has an amazing personality. After a hard goodbye, we headed down to lunch for one of our favorite meals yet. We had noodles, edamame, and delicious fried rice. We cleaned all the toys and mats for the babies to eat and play on. After quickly finishing lunch, we left for the train station. The train to Xi’an is an overnight voyage, but we are excited to get to see the Terracotta Warriors and visit the local street markets. Overall, today was a great day with lots of fun adventures and service time at Dew Drops Little Flower!

P.S. Sorry for the delay in picture additions, parents – our bloginator is currently experiencing technical difficulties. Check back soon for pictures!