Location: Great Barrier Reef

This morning took on new meaning to the saying “stumbling out of bed.” Right as we woke up, the boat starts moving to its new location, and it seemed like the waves had their way of saying good morning. It may have taken some time to make our way to the main floor, but eventually, our legs overcame the rocking, and we all made it up to the briefing for our first dive of the day. Half an hour later, we were in the water and exploring the new dive site. With each dive that we do, we all recognize sea creatures that we wouldn’t have been able to identify if it hadn’t been for the Reef Teach lesson we had the other day. We saw giant clams, turtles and so many other amazing things. After we got out, we were able to have a little snack while some waited for the next dive (I, on the other hand, had to take some sea sickness medicine and passed out for 4 hours, so I can’t say much about that trip). After some more dives, the time for a night dive finally came along, and we all excitedly geared up. We were on a search for 140-year-old turtle named Brian, who happens to be a resident at this dive site. Me, Riley and Adam (our guide) were able to find him, and we may or may not have accidentally woken him up. Diving at night is a completely unreal experience; it feels like you’re in a dream and all you’re doing is floating around in an alien world. While we were still underwater, we were able to spot a few grey reef sharks, bioluminescent plankton and some more turtles! All in all, it was an amazing day, and tomorrow will be too. Eat, sleep, dive, repeat!