Location: Great Barrier Reef

After a pre-dawn wake up to start our last dive day, we headed up to the top deck of the liveaboard for a quick dive brief. We jumped in the water and descended just as the sun peeked over the horizon. We saw a moray eel, anemone fish, a flatworm and a massive school of humphead wrasse. When we got back from the first dive, we chowed down some breakfast before gearing up for our last two dives. Though we stayed anchored at the same location today, we had three very different dive sites. On our second dive, we tried to play underwater Frisbee which didn’t work out, but was still fun! By midday, our adventures exploring the Great Barrier Reef had come to a close, and we hunkered down for the cruise back to Cairns. Exhausted from back to back-to-back days of diving and early mornings, we all took naps. Some of us sprawled out on the top deck while others curled up in the saloon. Then we packed our bags, said our goodbyes to the crew and made our way back to the motel for pizza and card night. After everyone finished up their cards, we decided to go on a last-minute dash to the Cairns Night Market before getting ready to go whitewater rafting in Tully tomorrow!