Location: Anegada

Today started well for everyone. We were able to wake up late because of the dance last night, and we had French toast for breakfast! Right away we motored over to Leverick Bay and were able to have some shore time. We were all in such a great mood when we got back to the boat that we had a dance party. We turned up the music as high as it could go and just went crazy on the bow. It quickly turned into a dance-off with the ActionQuest boat, Wicked Good, and of course, we were the winners. Soon after that, we were underway to Anegada. It was such a beautiful day and a very relaxing sail. Once we got to Anegada, we took a two and a half hour hike along a beautiful beach. It was long and hot, but the view made up for it. It was also interesting to see how the windward side of the beach collected much more trash than the other side, which (of course) we collected. We finally arrived at a little restaurant on Cow Wreck Point. We were so tired from our hike, so we all bought some ice cream and went snorkeling in the water. After a fun but exhausting day, we finally got back to the boat for Mexican Night. It was quite the fiesta. We had tacos for dinner (which we were all very excited for) and then got into a heated debate over what we should name the new dinghy. We couldn’t decide between two names: Eduardo and Hot Pocket. For some strange reason, and to most of the girl’s dismay, the vote went to Hot Pocket. Despite this small setback, today was a great day.