Location: The Bight, Norman Island

We had yet another incredible day in the BVI, successfully completing our last service project of the trip. To finish all the food on the boat in the next 48 hours, we woke up to the smell of sausages, eggs, beans, and biscuits for breakfast. After a quick dinghy ride to shore, we walked to Thurman’s house, a man who lives on Peter Island with his family. Thurman moved from New York with his family a couple of years ago in efforts to find pure happiness. He aspired to get back in touch with the idea of being happy and satisfied with simply what you need and not what you want. He was very appreciative of the short time we spent raking, weeding, and rebuilding his stone wall. When we were done working we returned to the boat to enjoy our last afternoon we would be able to spend just having fun with each other. When I was snorkeling, we found a giant sea cucumber which I kissed for seven years of good luck! We swam around the boats, went on “wild dinghy rides,” and ate quesadillas all afternoon. We then sailed back to Norman Island where the staff had a meeting, leaving us alone on the boat for a few hours. We danced around and made delicious cheesy broccoli pasta for dinner.