Location: West End, Tortola

What a session it has been! We’ve had three weeks of service projects that included cleaning rubble from houses, rebuilding playgrounds, working at Valley Day School, clearing debris from churches, tagging turtles, conducting seagrass and mangrove surveys, and cleaning up a few beaches on Virgin Gorda and Anegada. We’ve also celebrated some holidays like Natalia’s birthday, Tara’s half-birthday, Gerntag, and the Fourth of July. We worked hard but play hard too. We had a whole day dedicated to skiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, and sailing around Muskmelon Bay. We’ve enjoyed all of our BBQ’s with the rest of ActionQuest and have made close friendships with the other GoBeyond boat, Shazam as well.

Here are some highlights of the shipmates

Tara- Tara always had an awesome spirit with all of our project days and life aboard the boat. She was constantly laughing and spreading the positivity.

Kyle- Kyle was our master turtle catcher, he caught our biggest turtle of the summer so far. It took two people to hold it down while tagging it!

Hannah Yates- Hannah was always ready to help sail and ready to build friendships along the way.

Charlotte- Charlotte was our expert mangrove propagule (the seeds of the mangrove tree) finder. She always stayed on task and wasn’t afraid of getting dirty.

Gabriel- Gabe was always a social force at meal times and life aboard the boat. He always made people laugh and worked hard at project days.

Johnny- Johnny also was an enjoyable person to have at meals and help us laugh throughout the day.

Athina- Athina was always asking ways she could help around the boat. She was like a big sister to all with her caring demeanor.

Kendall- Kendall was our animal spotter. She always knew the turtles were and in Anegada made sure that the turtles were well taken care of.

Dylan- Dylan was always working hard on our big project days and was a constant source of laughs for all.

Bradley- Bradley became a calm and effective leader for our whole boat, always there to lend a helping hand and encourage.

Parker- Parker was always willing to try new things out of his comfort zone, and we all watched him grow so much.

Mollie- Mollie was our resident goofball who never failed to have something positive to say.

Natalia- Nat was a natural leader within the group. She helped with every aspect of the boat, and on project days, we appreciated all of her hard work.

Nathalie- Nathalie was our trash collector extraordinaire. She never left any trash left behind no matter if we were doing a beach clean up or not. We love her passion for a clean Earth!