Location: Lima

For our final day in Peru and our final blog of the session, we are posting a co-created entry with our parting reflections on the trip:

Abby – This trip has taught me you have to dance in the rain (or your clinic IV) to get through the storm.

Bella – After spending three weeks in Peru, I’ve realized how actions can make a difference. Even if it is something small, it can make a large impact on certain people. This trip was one that I won’t forget.

David – This trip has been an awesomely unique experience, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Thank you all so much for the opportunity, and I’d love to come back to do more programs.

Emilio – An impactful and worthwhile experience. The hard work was very rewarding.

Lara – This trip has really helped me realize how lucky I am to have so much love in my life and how fortunate I am. And that I should use that to help support others who didn’t get to grow up as lucky as I did.

Sienna – The last day has arrived, and I have learned a lot throughout this trip. With the community service, I learned to be grateful, thankful, and to recognize how lucky I am. I have also created strong connections with the other members of our GoBeyond family.

Wesley – The last few weeks have made me realize how something can be learned from every experience. Despite differences in language, even small gestures such as a smile can bridge the gap in communication and can form the beginnings of friendships. I’m so thankful for all of the great memories and places I have been on this trip!

Thank you, everyone, for such a memorable and rewarding trip! Safe travels to your next and all future destinations!