Location: Lares Trek

Today we set off for a supposedly 3-hour hike that lasted 5 hours! It was super beautiful and scenic but very strenuous and hard. Each time we climbed over a mountain, we hoped that the campsite would be within reach, and finally, after what seemed like three huge mountains later (and 5 hours) we saw the familiar green dining tent screaming our names. The day was very sunny and hot which was quite deceiving because the nights were below freezing. It is winter here…do not be fooled. After a long day of hiking the icing on the cake was being able to take a poop in the peepeeteepee which consisted of a toilet seat and a grey plastic bag containing the 10+ horsemen’s cacas. When it got dark, we had tea in the big green dining tent and played lots of fun games like Uno. The food was really good. We had chicken and rice. I forgot the color of my skin because I was wearing seven layers on top and bottom. Despite all of the hardships of the trek, seeing the blanket of stars reminded us of our hard teamwork and we felt fulfilled.