Location: Andes, Peru

The morning started with a breakfast of vegetable omelets and bacon, which was both yummy and nutritious. Little did we know that today was going to be the most challenging. We embarked on our assent. Finally, after almost an hour of panting and exhaustion, the lifeworks squad reached the highest point in our trek; the pass. The view from the pass was magnificent; we could see the famous mountain Veronica along with the surrounding peaks. After we reached maximum altitude, we walked two more hours downhill to our campsite. To eat lunch and have a siesta. After a lot of conflict of who would win in a game of soccer between the guides and the students, we decided to settle it. The students lost horribly in a final score of 2-4. Tired beat and frustrated the gang decided to head back to camp eat dinner and play our daily game of cards. Shout out to yoga master Heidi and Susan Binder for loving us from across the equator.