Location: Bangkok

We can hardly believe the last day of Lifeworks Thailand 2016 has arrived! This morning we made our last trip to DPF bearing lots of gifts for all of the wonderful staff members who organized our adventures and service programs over the last three weeks. When we arrived, they greeted us with gifts and certificates of merit that Khun Prateep gave to each of us. Then we explored a new part of Klong Toey slum and delivered the gifts we picked out yesterday. First, we went to a Montessori school and handed out toys, treats, and milk boxes as well as food for the school staff to cook for the kids. Next, we did another round of home deliveries of rice, towels and cooking oil to the elderly folks in the area. After we finished the deliveries, Pi Nang whisked us off to enjoy a spectacular lunch with the DPF staff at a nice traditional Thai restaurant on the Chao Phraya riverfront. Then we said our final farewells and thanked you’s to our friends at DPF, and we headed back to the hotel for an afternoon of relaxing and goofing around together before heading to the airport to go our separate ways.

As I write this, we are currently scattering all across the globe en route to our friends and families. Looking back at all that we have done on this trip is truly astounding: we kicked off the program with an amazing journey to New Life Project in Kanchanaburi where we shared smiles, laughter, and silliness with the kids; we learned how to cook traditional Thai dishes; we danced with the elderly and swam in the Gulf of Siam; we rode banana boats and tubed on the river with Klong Toey teens in the midst of a wild rainstorm; we learned about life in life in Klong Toey slum; and we exchanged cultures with one another and with our new Thai friends. Throughout this program, we have made lifelong connections, and we have learned so much about ourselves and Thailand. Thank you to everyone who partook in this trip, you are a marvelous bunch of people, and it has been a pleasure to travel, laugh, and bond with you all over the last three weeks! An extra special thanks to the staff of DPF who made this such a phenomenal experience!

 Long Live Cream-Os!!!


Heaps of love, 

Keeley (mum) & Ella (mom)