Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning was a very early wake-up. We had “bagel seeds” (Cheerios) for breakfast and quickly headed out on the dinghies to get to Peter Island. At Peter Island, we met Thurman who lives there, and we all went to work fixing up his property. We weeded, moved rocks to create a sandy beach, and added plaster to the cracked walls. The end result was very satisfying because everything looked so nice and beautiful. After a few hours of service, we headed back to the boats for some free time. People played cards at first, and then we had our last swim in the ocean. Lydia and I set up a belly-flop competition. It was super fun and hilarious to watch everyone belly-flop off the dinghy. After our free time, we motored over to Norman Island. When we moored, we all started to pack our bags and clean the cabins. After dinner, we wrote cards to everyone on the boat. It was really special and fun to write and reminisce about our favorite memories.